What we do…

We strive to help families bridge the communication gap with school districts when there are questions.  These questions often range from the general education setting to children that require an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). A collaborative approach is used with families and the school districts to achieve the most appropriate and supportive outcome for the child.  

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Brandon Cochrane

Commitment. Experience. Compassion.

Brandon strives to help families bridge the communication gap between parents and their child’s school.   He specializes in several different areas from how children learn in the general education setting to how to help children that require special education support, and everything in between.  He creates a safe and welcoming environment to openly answer questions and talk through the educational process with each family to understand what they want and need for their child to be successful. Brandon also focuses on communicating and collaborating with the school district to provide your child with the proper supports to be successful in the educational environment. 

"I was referred to Brandon by someone in a mom's group. I called him the next day. He listened attentively to my situation and let me know that day that he would help me. That same night I was sent over information about him and what his services entailed. I waited a week or so, but as soon as I called Brandon to accept his services he began to work right away. I could not have asked for a better referral from a group of strangers. His is so knowledgeable and answered every question that I had. His calm demeanor was also a plus because I was frantic. After only 2-3 interactions with the school, I was notified of the best outcome! I am extremely pleased with Brandon and would recommend him to anyone needing services! I cannot express how grateful I am from Brandon."
- Bethany Gallegos
"as a mom of 3 and struggling to get our school district to listen to me for past few years and specially now when they wanted my child to go to a new school , I posted my story on a parent group and was answered by him self Brandon M. Cochrane & Associates. and as soon as I got a chance I called him. he listened to everything I had to say and all my concerns. he worked with me on everything always in contact with me multiple times and always answered my calls or texts. I dont know what advocate personally does that when a parent like me is frantic because the school won't listen. well the day came and he told the school who he was and they finally listened to what I had to say what I wanted done. I am very pleased to have worked with him and I will be again soon he is someone you want on your side in these hard meetings he is in this field of work to really help and be supportive and really get down to the bottom of what is best for the child. that's what counts."
- Laura Mace

Why I Do It

I understand the questions, struggles, and uncertainty that come with trying to do what is best for your child, and feeling unheard.  As a child, I had an IEP during my elementary school years and I vividly remember how it felt to receive the support I needed to be successful in school.  I also remember the feeling I had when the educational team told my parents and me that I made the needed progress to meet my goals and no longer need an IEP.  One of my children has a 504 plan in the public school system and we are currently navigating raising a child with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  As a student, a parent, a teacher, and an administrator I understand what you are going through and I use all of those lenses to help families navigate the education process. 



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Brandon Cochrane, M.Ed., M.A.E.L.

Brandon has 14 years of experience in public education. He has served as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, Director of Special Education, and Executive Director of Student Services. He is driven by his passion to help children and families successfully navigate the education system from early intervention/pre-school through High school, and 12th grade plus transition. Brandon uses an open communication approach when working with school districts to best meet the needs of the child.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

– Malcolm X